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I’m Derek Fogge. I’m an SEO, CRO, WP Developer, UX Designer, & Digital Marketing Expert. My clients call me “the website whisperer.”

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Modern WordPress

Create an engaging website that converts visitors into customers on a platform that's designed to grow and adapt to your needs.

UX Design, SEO
& Copywriting

Content needs to resonate with search engines and your audience to set your business apart from competitors, earn trust, and get results.

Decision Making

Set informed goals, make confident decisions, segment your audience, experiment, and iterate. Every visitor tells a story if you know how to listen.

Modern WordPress Development, UX Design, SEO, content strategy, CRO solutions for businesses, startups, and agencies of all sizes



At Thinkful acquired by Chegg for $100M – I hired, managed, and trained hundreds of Web Developers, Designers, and Data Scientists and built an industry-defining full-stack coding bootcamp that has helped thousands of people begin their careers. 

I worked alongside Derek for over 4 years, and in that time I witnessed how he was able to use his background in software and design to bring simple solutions to both people and tech-centric situations.

His speaking the right technical register paired with his people skills always made him a godsend, be it when you needed to get buy-in from stakeholders or when you needed someone knowledgeable to investigate and break down a process or product problem and get it ready for development.
Saul Diez-Guerra
Chief Technology Officer, Thinkful
Derek is that rare breed of entrepreneur who has a strong vision and will do whatever it takes to bring it into the world while being a joy to work with. He thrives at Thinkful and in the world of education and technology because he cares so deeply about both key ingredients: the people and the tech.

He led a small team to launch what began as an experiment and grew to become our flagship product. As his role evolved he never lost sight of the real-life students on the other end or the business goals we needed to achieve.
Grae Drake
Head of Education, Thinkful
I worked closely with Derek for over three years at Thinkful — he’s entrepreneurial, incredibly resourceful, and inspires his colleagues to action.

Derek was responsible for Thinkful’s Flexible Web Development Bootcamp — a part time online jobs training and placement program that is Thinkful’s flagship program today. He cultivated the program in its nascent days — crafting curriculum, hiring and managing the first instructors, signing on and shepherding the first students to their new careers. As the program grew, Derek helped build out the education support team. Through it all, he worked directly with hundreds of students and instructors and using his insights to drive successful product experiments.

Which leads to why I’m such a big fan: his work ethic and constant thirst for learning. He freelanced while holding down a demanding full-time job he loved. He led teams to solve problems and make lasting improvements in a rapidly shifting, resource-constrained environment. He’s been a designer, developer, educator, manager, project lead… the list is endless.
Varun Rajan
Technical Project Manager, Teachable
I worked with Derek at Thinkful for 4 years where I watched him transform the lives of our students through the use of his product development and management skills. He met with countless students during the first 3 years, and not only did he help them successfully navigate their journey learning to code, he also helped drive improvements to our product, marketing, online education platform, and curricula.

Derek was an innovation engine at Thinkful, and was critical to our success in a highly competitive industry. His work helped prove the market to investors, and his dedication to reporting outcomes data and hundreds of positive reviews were integral to Thinkful gaining its reputation as a legitimate first-class option for career switchers — giving them confidence that they could trust us to help them change their lives and land their dream jobs.

On a personal note, Derek is a joy to collaborate and work with, and his background as a designer and engineer gave him the rare ability in a PM to reasonably define the scope of projects and come up with ideas for effective solutions when needed.
Tatiana Tylosky
Engineer, Thinkful
I worked with Derek for 4 years at Thinkful. He built our flagship product and managed the first few hundred students while driving key product iterations to help scale growth over the next few years. Through his unparalleled work ethic, he handled the responsibilities of multiple full-time jobs including curricula development, mentor management, and student success.

Derek then went on to manage a team of 500+ web development and data science mentors. He specifically iterated on processes around mentor recruitment, training, onboarding, and mentor-student matching. He left us in a great place to scale even faster. Most importantly, he developed strong personal relationships with our strongest mentors and helped them grow professionally at Thinkful.
Bhaumik Patel
Product Owner & Development, Thinkful

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